Woodside Holistic Therapies

Reiki 30 min session £35 / 60 min session £65

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of spiritual healing or ‘energy’ medicine which is similar to the laying on of hands. I believe in the existence of a universal energy which I can access in order to generate healing effects in humans, animals and plants. This universal energy flows through my hands upon or close to the recipient. This enhances the recipient’s own healing potential. The approach may lack biological 

plausibility but I cannot deny my own experiences where I've helped many people including my sister where she survived 8 cancers and I myself.

Reiki is popular far beyond Japan, where it was developed in the early part of the twentieth century by Dr Mikao Usui during a period of fasting and meditation on Mount Kurama. It is used for treating all medical conditions, for improving quality of life or for preventing disease, and balancing emotional upset. Reiki will help you holistically treating your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

A treatment session would normally involve lying down on a massage table fully clothed where I will lay my hands onto your head, eyes, ears, throat, chest, above and below your belly button. your hips, knees and feet to transmit healing energy. A session may last for about an hour and most patients would experience it as intensely relaxing with heat being generated into their body..