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Does your child need support?

- Abuse

- Bullying

- Grief

- Terminal illness

- Trauma & Attachment

Whatever your child 

is suffering, don't wait to see if things will get better. Be proactive and ask for help. No parent is given a guidebook when their child is born and no-one is a perfect parent so, if your child is showing signs of withdrawal, stress, is unable to socialise, listen, bed wetting, being clingy or is disruptive these are just a few ways to identify if your child is having trouble to work things out for themselves at school or at home.

Teenagers, both boys and girls are finding life a real challenge in the 21st century!

Equality is becoming more challenging, Both girls and boys are finding similarities of bullying, confusion over gender, social media and wondering what image they are supposed to portray.

With high gloss magazines and marketing telling us what we should and should not do, from an early age our children are being conditioned to be thin, to wear the latest fashions and designer clothes, to own fast cars, travel, bigger better homes and fabulous careers. When they don't get it, they scream louder because we have taught them that this behaviour is acceptable. 

Lets teach them what's truly important, How to be grateful for what we already have. There's nothing wrong in having realistic goals but first we must teach our children how to appreciate, to socialise, how to create relationships, and how to care for one another.

Parents who grew up in the 60's, 70's is 80's might think they understand school of today, If someone picked on a boy back then a quick punch up usually resolved the problem. Girls were spiteful and extremely fickle...yes, life was tough, but it usually stopped as soon as you left the school gates.

Now imagine if you continued to receive slanderous remarks over snapchat, announcing to the world your deepest secrets. We may have worried back them but we didn't have the social media of today, we didn't have 24 hour bullying. Bullying is rife, 24/7 and not only do girls experience this but now boys too. Kids of today film each other being kicked, punched with others laughing as though its a game as they ridicule others whilst viewing it through their mobile phone cameras, giving them a sense that its just TV! In fact, both boys and girls will join in and collaborate with the bullying on social media, creating a force that the victim is unable to fight. Unfortunately, the victim very often turns to suicidal thoughts, feeling they have no choice but to end it all.

Teens today, are taught so much more than we were, They are taught to have strong opinions and to speak up in class to express their beliefs, to speak their minds. This is great unless the child has no self awareness. Unfortunately, passive, introvert children may become overwhelmed by the more aggressive extrovert.

If adults expect all children to be the same this can create too much pressure for some vulnerable/sensitive children causing a deep anxiety where the child will want to stay away from school altogether. And, a stronger personality type may create a self opinionated and grandiose child. If their opinion is not heard or taken seriously, they will then act out, either at home or in school, showing total dis-respect to any adult.

To have an opinion is wonderful thing, however, if there is no emotional intelligence, no empathy and compassion of others, these teens run a muck and overwhelm others, The stronger personalities become a distraction in class, victimising the more gentle child and the sad things is, they have no idea they are doing it. Their lack of understanding, consequence, responsibility, selfishness, being self obsessed creates a world of chaos. These children are noticed and help is readily available at school to encourage good behaviour, However, who notices the well behaved child, the one whose scared to go to school, the pleaser, the child who works well but who when on their own, self-harms, is lonely, depressed, who has such low self-esteem they just want to be invisible...and so they are, until its too late. The child who slips under the radar is the one who needs to be heard, who needs nurturing, who needs support.

Do you recognise any of the above in your child? If so, don't wait, lets find out what is really going on in their world and help them to recover..